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  • The Sebo Airbelt is a super lightweight and ultra quiet canister, ideal for hardwood flooring, however it's not specialized for pets or full carpet 
  • Included with the E1 is 4 vacuum heads: the Kombi nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery nozzle 
  • This model features superior hospital grade HEPA filtration, great for allergy or asthma relief
  • This vacuum is a mid-sized model with a large operating range of 37 feet, and a cord length of 25 feet
  • Includes an automatic full bag or clog indicatior 
  • This model has a flat-to-the-floor 3 & 1/4 inch profile and rubber bumbers making it ideal for cleaning under and around furniture 
  • Includes Sebo's 10 year motor and parts warranty 


Sebo Airbelt E1 Canister Vacuum

Color: White
    • Midsized canister for hardflooring 
    • Lightweight and ultra quiet 
    • 4 vacuum heads included: Kombi nozzle, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle 
    • Suction adjustment switch up to 1200W
    • Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/4in. profile 
    • 37 ft. operating radius 
    • 25 ft. cord length 
    • Automatic full bag & clog indicator 
    • Ergonomic handle 
    • Hospital grade HEPA filtration 
    • Uses Sebo E Bags
    • 10 year Sebo warranty 

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